This module contains general helper functions to aid in developing AiiDA calculations and workchains.


Decorator for workchain steps that logs (and re-raises) errors occuring within that step.

Contains default keyword arguments to pass classes as input to workchains.

aiida_tools.workchain_inputs.WORKCHAIN_INPUT_KWARGS = {'serializer': <function get_fullname>, 'valid_type': <class ''>}

Keyword arguments to be passed to spec.input for serializing an input which is a class / workchain into a string.


Serializes an AiiDA workchain or workfunction to an AiiDA String. For workchains the class identifier is used, workfunctions are serialized in YAML format.

Parameters:cls_obj (WorkChain, workfunction) – Object to be serialized

Loads the workchain or workfunction from the serialized string.